Have you ever wanted a slice of pizza SO BAD that you would do anything to get some? A boy in Florida feels your pain, but the way he went about was not the smartest way to say the least.

Sanford Police Department posted on its Facebook page that they received a 911 call from a small boy late last week, prompting a response from three officers.

However, the boy wasn't in any danger. He was just hungry.

Police say dispatchers were told by the boy that he was hungry and wanted to order a pizza.

The three officers responded to the address to teach the boy about the importance of only dialing 911 in times of emergency.

The boy technically did end up getting what he wanted though when making the call. The officers brought along a box of pizza with them to give to the boy.

Our advice? Just drive to your local gas station to get a slice of some hot 'za. Or just call one of the many pizza establishments that the Southern Tier has to offer. Seriously, it seems like there is a pizza place on every corner. Just don't call 911.

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