We were ready to be aca-slayed at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards, and that's exactly what happened — all thanks to the exclusive scene of Pitch Perfect 2 that premiered during the show.

While we were still winding down from the awesomeness that was the exclusive premiere of the scene from Paper Townswe got all hyped up once again thanks to the Bellas of Pitch Perfect 2, who introduced the clip by being as kickass as always. (Cut to Rebel Wilson swooping in on some Victoria's Secret-esque angel wings.)

The scene was totally reminiscent of "The Riff-Off" scene of the original movie (we will forever be obsessed with their rendition of "No Diggity"), and the girls once again brought it back to the gritty sexiness of '90s R&B with "This Is How We Do It" and "That Thing," battling it out like the badass Barden Bellas that they are. Rebel Wilson rapping? Yes, please.

While we've literally devoured every single piece of information we can get on the sequel (and we've "Cups"-ed till our hands have fallen off), the first actual scene just makes us all the more aca-psyched. Seriously, we can't find our acs-chill anywhere.

And yes, we will keep using these aca-puns until the movie hits theaters on May 15. And probably even after that, too.

Watch the exclusive clip in the video above!

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