Pennsylvania bill would legalize recreational marijuana.  This is not the first time, Rep. Jake Wheatley (D-Allegheny) has put forth such a bill.  So what's different?

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Channel 4 has the story,

The bill would create a permitting structure for growers, processors, and dispensaries. It would also lower initial application and permit fees, which Wheatley says would make it more accessible for businesses to enter the legal cannabis market.​

So, how will revenue occur?

 by a wholesale tax of 10% on business-to-business transactions, while growers and processors partnered with an existing Pennsylvania farm are free from paying that tax. ​

In addition,

Consumers will also foot an excise tax starting at 6%, which increases to 12% after two years and to 19% after four years.​



Tax revenue would be used for services like student loan reimbursement and after school programs.


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