In an effort to help veterans with their transitions into civilian life, PennDOT and the DMVA are waving CDL requirements to qualified individuals.

According to a news release from PennDOT, a new Pennsylvania law will waive the requirements for residents of Pennsylvania, who are current and former military members, and who operate a commercial vehicle as part of their duties, to take a commercial Driver’s License Knowledge Test when they are applying for a CDL.

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In the release, PennDOT Secretary Yassmin Gramian said “We are pleased to announce this important change and hope that it helps military members in their transition to civilian life find good-paying, sustainable employment to begin their new lives,”

While service members adapt trades and skills while servicing in the military, those skills can be well used in the civilian world, and this program is a great way to assist and insure that our veterans, and current military members, gain viable employment, as they transition back to civilian life.

Act 131 of 2020 allows PennDOT to waive the CDL Knowledge test for Pennsylvania residents on active or reserve duty, or recently honorably discharged veterans, with the provision that those members have at least two years of experience operating a commercial motor vehicle, as part of their military job requirement.

Those who are interested in taking advantage of the CDL skills and knowledge test waivers can get more information HERE


Applicants must complete the application for Military CDL Waiver CLICK HERE



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