Paul Rudd is funny, but this PSA style video of him pretending to be a super hip, young person urging college-aged kids to wear a mask, kind of isn't.   Maybe it's because I'm slighty older than the target demographic it's attempting to reach and had to Google search some of the terms Rudd uses to make sure I was in on the joke. Or maybe it's because I did get most of the humor and couldn't bring myself to laugh.   Either way, this video made me slightly uncomfortable and I'm not sure why. I watched the whole thing at least 4 or 5 times and truly can't decide whether I hate it or not.

The video starts with the actor saying that his "homie", New York Governor Cuomo, urged him to make this video because far too many millennial-aged people were spreading the coronavirus as a result of not wearing their masks.  The Hollywood star dressed in yellow a hoodie and sweats, and "NY" baseball hat even comes equipped with large Beats-style headphones around his neck.   Millennial Rudd then attempts to somewhat "shame" the younger generation into covering their faces to prevent the spread of Covid by using phrasing and terminology that young people in their twenties would use.

He uses terms like fam, real talk, DM's, totally beast, vibe check, yassss queens, hype beast, and more.  At one point, Rudd refers to pop star Billie Eilish as his "bae" after he learns she's wearing a mask while he's on the phone with her.

Two-thirds into the video, Millennial Rudd is seen dancing and singing in a Tik Tok style video urging people to participate in the "Save Grandma Challenge."  It's good for a chuckle, but not much more as many New Yorkers will argue that the Governor himself could have done a little more to save grandma at the outset of COVID.

I don't hate the video, but I'm pretty sure I don't love it.  However, if a few more younger people are inspired to wear a mask, then the video served it's purpose.

As funny as Paul Rudd is, I just don't see this video as being the reason anyone changes what they do.

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