The only thing worse than getting junk mail is getting bills. Someone has come up with a hilarious way to avoid those nasty bills in the mailbox.

Don Peterson came across a creative cardboard sign hanging from a mailbox in Upstate New York. It read - "My mailbox is under quarantine. Not accepting bills at this time."

The only thing missing is the face mask over the box. Not sure it worked, but it sure is funny.

Credit - Don Peterson
Credit - Don Peterson

Lake George Closed Sign Blames Wife

This isn't the first sign to make us laugh. One Upstate New York business closed and blamed it all on the owner's wife.

Tony runs a gift shop in Lake George, New York off US Route 9. Unfortunately, Tony had to close for a few days, thanks to his wife. And he left a hilarious note on the door to explain.


Credit - Virginia Ann via Facebook
Credit - Virginia Ann via Facebook

The gift shop is located next to the Tom Tom Shop on Canada Street in Lake George. No word on where Tony went on his trip or if he had any fun.

One thing is for sure, Tony has one hell of a sense of humor. We can only hope his wife does too.

The next time you're in Lake George, be sure to stop into Tony's shop, if for nothing else than to say hi and thank him for the laugh.

Business Sign Wars

Businesses have started having sign wars, creating two times the laughter. There was an epic one between BBG's and Symeon's in Yorkville that lasted for over a week.

Oswego Sign War

In Oswego, it was the battle of the chicken.

Whether it's a business, mailbox, or restaurant, keep the funny signs coming. It's nice to laugh once in a while, especially in a world that seems to be filled with so much negativity these days.

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