With education moving at least partially to the online space in the Utica area, do we really need snow days anymore? The answer, in my opinion: HELL YES.

We all know the upcoming school year is going to be unlike anything that's come before it. Kids will be learning in new ways, facing new challenges, and hopefully, discovering new opportunities. Now that at least some of their lessons are online, and actual class time is at a premium, some say the snow day should be a thing of the past.

I couldn't disagree more.

As a kid, there was really nothing more exciting than hearing your school called over the radio, or seeing it over the scroll on the news. It was like getting a mini-vacation - and what was more magical than looking out the window to see inches of snow falling?

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Then, we'd have a leisurely breakfast, bundle up, and go outside and play...or maybe spend a few more hours lounging around the house, soaking up the unexpected free time.

With learning moving online, there will be no reprieve for kids. Home is school. School is home. For older kids, study and lesson time will leak into time once reserved for sports, or meals, or sleeping.

I for one, want to see kids continue to wear their pajamas backwards (or is it inside out), put ice cubes in the toilet, and sleep with spoons under their pillows while checking their snow day calculator.

The snow day might be one of the last parts of the school year that can remain untouched by the pandemic - let's not take it away from kids.

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