I have a history of hating on the NY Times for its bad habit of Binghamton bashing. Mostly because every time they stop in, they have a tendency to wander around on Main Street looking for the crankiest person they can find to offer a quote about how horrible life is. (See my response here.)

So I get excited when they actually say something nice for a change.

The time, a quick mention about Binghamton in the context of an article about Sex in the City star’s Cynthia Nixon’s possible run for governor. (She’d run against Cuomo in a primary, coming at him from the left.)

As I first posted on Facebook, Nixon stopped by down on the way back from Skaneateles. She made two Instagram posts from Binghamton. One about a park sign and the other about Front Street’s Mohammad Ali mural.

I was told by some friends who work in the restaurant industry that she had dinner with her wife at Number 5. A lot of people didn’t recognize her--and those that did were respectful enough to leave her alone to enjoy the meal.

None of my friends in the local political scene met with her--or they at least played dumb when I asked.

If she does run, we could see her stop through town again. As the NY Times notes, her celebrity and name recognition could be a useful tool in any political run. Some might come out to see her in person whether they support her politics or not.

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