This could be one of the worst proposals ever. And it occurred right in Western New York, about 25 miles south of Buffalo, at a convenience store in Boston, New York.

A guy had a buddy act like he was robbing the store, while he and his girlfriend were in the beer aisle. The fake robber orders everybody to the back of the store, scaring the girlfriend so much that she's down on her knees, sobbing and fearing for her life. The brilliant plan included having the fake robber ask why she doesn't have a ring on her finger, then GIVING the boyfriend the ring, after which the boyfriend proposes.

LOTS could possibly have gone wrong, right? But, thank goodness it didn't. It ends with laughter all around. And now the guy feels so bad about the whole thing, he's decided he's going to propose AGAIN. He says he got the idea that a second proposal is okay from binge-watching "Rules of Engagement."

The store was so down with the fake robbery proposal, that the video online is from their surveillance cameras. Here's the video:

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