As we await the plans of individual school districts to reopen, the start of fall high school sports has been delayed.

The New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYPHSAA) announced Thursday on Twitter that the start of the 2020 fall high school sports season has been delayed from August 24th to September 21st. In addition, state and regional championships have been cancelled. The NYPHSAA also announced a back up plan to play fall sports in the spring if teams are not able take the field in the fall due to the coronavirus pandemic.

After having the spring sports season impacted by the pandemic, this as to be super frustrating for high school athletes. As we all know, those 4 years fly by and unfortunately with the pandemic when these seasons get cancelled they cannot be recreated.The good news here is the NYPHSAA is planning for what could happen and hopefully the various options they have put together will allow these athletes to take the field at some point in the near future, no matter when that may be.

We've all made sacrifices missing out on events and doing the things we love. But eventually with something like say a concert, folks will eventually get the opportunity to make up for lost time. For high school athletes, when seasons are lost, those opportunities to take the field are gone. Let's hope they all get to play ball this coming fall and spring.

You can see the full NYPHSAA Press Release below.

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