It's another spectacular series of 'Nutt Around Town' where I, Jackie Nutt, am trying to learn Binghamton and what makes it awesome by going to a different unique place each week!

jackie nutt
jackie nutt

(Had to share the picture above because I caught it perfectly when Lola was yawning so now it just looks like she was yelling hahah!) -- This weeks episode took me to a place that combined 2 of my favorite things..... Beer & dogs!!

I headed out to the North Brewery on Washington Street in Endicott Wednesday afternoon, and what a great afternoon it was!! Surprisingly enough I was not the only customer in there on a Wednesday mid-afternoon haha, regardless the owner still made sure I knew what was up!

He went through and described their brewery (they are currently under a little construction), there 5 different beers for right now as they do change, almost weekly! So he poured me little tasting of each and I went to town, even bought some to take home!!

Take a look and see how I felt about each of the beers, moments after tasting them haha, and which one did i bring home? See here:

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