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Nike Settles Lawsuit Over 'Satan Shoes'

It’s official: Lil Nas X’s Satan Shoes are being recalled. Nike settled their lawsuit, ensuring the shoes will not make their way onto anyone's feet. They reached an agreement with MSCHF, the company that developed the shoes. The agreement states that MSCHF will recall all the shoes and remove them from circulation. Buyers snatched up the sneakers — all 666 pair — within minutes after their release, but it looks like no one will have the opportunity to wear them. (via TMZ)

Swifties Want to Support Taylor, But Not Big Machine Records

Taylor Swift has finally unveiled Fearless (Taylor’s Version). To celebrate, some diehard fans (Swifties) have found a way to “hide” the original version of Fearless on Spotify, ensuring they only listen to Taylor’s version, not the one owned by Big Machine Records. (via TMZ)

Who Is the Most Stressful Person You Know?

Value Penguin ran a survey of 1,000 Americans to find out who the most stressful person in our lives is, and nearly one in four people said either their spouse or boss! In third place came parents. Other stressful people in our lives? Our kids, other family members and coworkers. And while Friday and Saturday are the least stressful day of the week, Monday and Sunday are the most stress-inducing. (via Value Penguin)

9-Year-Old Pep Talks Older Sister in Sweet Viral Video

A 9-year-old girl was upset seeing her 25-year-old sister down in the dumps over her dream job—so, she gave her a pep talk. She told her big sis, “If you want that dream job, you get that dream job.” Watch the heartwarming video, below:

Shawn Mendes Can Rest Easy Following Car Theft

An arrest has been made in connection to Shawn Mendes’s stolen G-Wagen. The suspect allegedly broke into Mendes’ home and made off with one of pop star's luxury cars. (via TMZ)

Channing Tatum Relives Magic Mike... With a Twist

Channing Tatum is producing a new competition series called The Real Magic Mike. Set to premiere sometime this year, the unscripted show will follow ten contestants who have “lost their magic” on their journey to find self-confidence. (via People)

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