When you think about the Great New York State Fair in Syracuse, what do you think of? I think of 25 cent milk, live music, and hot summertime weather. Do you ever think about winter, snow, and bad weather? Of course not...until now.

New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) is inviting you to stop by their booth in the Center of Progress Building and help them name their snowplow. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!

The Minnesota DOT did a similar contest and the winner was...Plowy McPlowFace. I think we can do better. In fact, I know we can. Here are a few of mine.

Glenn's Picks For NYSDOT Snowplow Contest

Darth Blader

This is a nod to my brother-in-law Johnny V, who is the biggest Star Wars fan that I know. In fact, his wife's birthday is close to Star Wars Day, (May the Fourth), and every year, he buys her a Princess Leia outfit. For some reason, the outfit disappears from year to year, so he buys her a new one.

Luke Snowwalker

For the same reason as Darth Blader.

Snowbe Wan Kenobi

Alright, enough of the Star Wars references.

Plow Bunyan

I know this is more of a PA thing but I love this name. Recently I spent a few days at Enchanted Forest Water Safari in Old Forge with my daughter. When you enter the admission gate, you are greeted by a 19 foot Paul Bunyan statue. Good enough for them, then good enough for NYS.

Otto The Syracuse Snowplow

If you're going to have a snowplow naming contest at the New York State Fair, we can't forget about the Cuse and their mascot.

The Fast and the Flurriest

If you have ever driven to a Cuse basketball game on I-81 between Cortland and Syracuse, you know that this is the perfect name for a snowplow.

Those are my five (plus one), what's yours? PLEASE NO PLOWY MCPLOWFACE.

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