Reaction is still coming following the sudden resignation of New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who is accused of slapping, spitting on and verbally abusing women with whom he had been in relationships.

The New York State Senate Republican Women’s Caucus released a statement saying they were “horrified” by the revelation in the story by New Yorker Magazine and said the Democrat should be prosecuted and his roughly eight and a half million dollars in campaign money should be donated to programs to help victims of domestic violence.

Governor Andrew has named Nassau District Attorney Madeline Singas Special Prosecutor to investigate the allegations.

Schneiderman announced his resignation May 7, hours after the New Yorker broke the story alleging the sexual abuse of four women, two of whom went on record claiming Schneiderman berated them, choked them, slapped them and spat on them, many times after he had been drinking heavily.

The Democrat has denied the allegations of abuse but said he had engaged in sexual role playing with the consent of his partners.

The long-time solicitor general has been sworn in as acting Attorney General until a replacement is selected by the Legislature.  A more-permanent A.G. comes following the November election when New Yorkers vote for an Attorney General to fill a four-year term as the state’s top prosecutor.

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