Is there a baby boom coming to New York?

Most people think that Valentine's Day is the day for love, but apparently, for New Yorkers, the biggest baby-making day comes a couple of months earlier.

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According to a new study done, the holiday that caused the biggest baby boom is one known for love, but for sweet treats.

The website betwayinsider recently did some research after each major holiday to find which holiday had the most babies born 9 months after it.

The results are a bit surprising.

Most people would assume that Valentine's Day is for amore but it comes 6th on the list.

Here are the biggest holidays for making babies in New York.

6th - Valentine's Day - 17, 202 babies were born in 2022 9 months after Valentine's Day. It looks like New Yorkers didn't get a lot of love on Valentine's Day in 2021.


5th - 4h of July - 17,345 babies were born in 2022  9th months after the 4th of July. We know some people saw fireworks on the 4th.


4th - Spring Break - This is kind of a tough one to gauge since Spring Break is different for schools. But going with the whole month as "Spring Break" it lands at #4 on the list with 17,626 babies both 9 months after spring break.


3rd - Christmas - 18.321 babies were born 9 months after Christmas in New York in 2022. It looks like some people were really nice or naughty depending on how you look at it.

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2nd - Thanksgiving - 18,909 babies were born 9th month after Thanksgiving in 2022. This one is kind of surprising since most people fall asleep after eating. Apparently, some people are up a little longer on T-Day.

Americans Celebrate Thanksgiving Holiday As Coronavirus Cases Surge
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#1 - Halloween - 19,011 babies were born in July 2022, which is 9 months after Halloween 2021. While some people are out getting candy other people are spending the night in masks and costumes enjoying a different kind of treat.



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