The Times Union of Albany is offering more details of the latest allegations of inappropriate behavior on the part of the Governor and the latest information, if true, could warrant a criminal charge.

A source familiar with the sixth woman accusing Governor Andrew Cuomo of harassment told the paper that Cuomo lured the woman to the Governor’s Mansion late last year to help him with a cell phone technical issue and aggressively groped her.

The accuser’s name is not being publicized by the newspaper and the two reports published in the past several days quote a source close to the woman, who is said to be an aide to the Governor and is much younger than the 63-year-old Democrat.

In the alleged incident in the second-floor residential quarters of the mansion, the newspaper account March 10 quotes their unnamed source saying woman reportedly told the Governor to stop his advances.

Such allegations could qualify for a misdemeanor sexual assault charge.

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A spokesperson for the Governor again said the Cuomo denies ever touching anyone inappropriately.

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