As with many other states around the country, we have many official 'things.' By 'things', I mean things that are an item that has been declared as a representation of the state.

For example, the official flower of New York State is the Rose. Our state's official fruit is the apple. That makes sense, since we produce many varieties throughout New York. According to the website State Symbols USA, New York has an official bug - the Nine-Spotted Ladybug, Gem - Garnet, muffin- Apple Muffin, reptile - Snapping Turtle and state tree - Sugar Maple.

Apparently one thing has been missing with an official representation. And that one thing is sports. I would have thought New York State would have have an official sport, but apparently not. But that has now changed. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made an announcement on Friday (July 30th), naming our official sport. The cool thing about this designation is, it was proposed by the 4th grade class at Cooperstown Elementary School.

And that sport is Baseball. The New York Governor website states that the designation was signed into law on Friday, from Cooperstown. As far as I'm concerned, that was a good call. Pardon the sports pun there. Cooperstown is the home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, and New York State baseball has such a rich history.

Just look at the dynasty of the New York Yankees, winning more World Series than any other professional team in history. Remember the New York Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers baseball teams? Okay, maybe that was before some of you were born, but those teams helped shape the history of baseball in New York State.

And while the New York Governor's press release doesn't mention it, New York State and more specifically, Maine-Endwell is the home of the 2016 Little League World Series Champions. Little League is the backbone of local sports in many New York State towns, not to mention the many high school and college teams throughout the state.

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So, I applauded the designation of baseball as the official sports of New York State. Do you agree? Play ball! By the way, Pennsylvania has yet to designate an official sport. What should it be?

via State Symbols USA, New York Governor 

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