There are new quarters coming into circulation this year, so watch out for these special designs next time you're using a vending machine or doing your laundry.

The America the Beautiful Quarters Program features five new designs for the new year, all representing National Parks and Preserves across the country. Parks in American Samoa, Connecticut, the Virgin Islands, Vermont and Kansas will soon have their own coins.

The first new quarter, representing the National Park of American Samoa, will be released February 3 with illustrations of a Samoan fruit bat mother and her pup. Look how cute!! According to United States Mint's website, the purpose of this design is to raise awareness of the Samoan fruit bat's threatened status because of habitat loss and commercial hunting.

Burwell and Burwell Photography / United States Mint
Burwell and Burwell Photography / United States Mint

While the new quarters go into circulation throughout the year, there's obviously no guarantee you'll see one right away, if ever. But they're certainly a fun collector's item!

The America the Beautiful Program has been in action since 2010, and Saratoga National Historical Park right here in New York is even featured. Check out the full list of quarters and see how the agency chooses which parks to feature here.

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