Over the summer we kept hearing about shark attacks. People were afraid to go into the water out of fear of getting eaten by a shark. But maybe we should be more worried about taking selfies then worrying about worrying about being killed by sharks!

According to an article by Mashable, selfies have killed more people this year than sharks! A few Japanese tourist slipped while taking selfies at the Taj Mahal on the stairs this week. One of them broke his leg and the other one hit his head and ended up dying from that.

In 2015, the total number of deaths as a result from shark attacks is currently 8, however deaths related to taking selfies is 12!

Some more selfie related deaths are two men from Russia were posing with a live grenade when it went off. Another was a man who got gored during the running of the bulls, one man was taking a photo with a selfie stick when it was struck by lightning, and a woman accidentally shot herself while posing with a gun.

Now, it's only September so chances are there will be a few more before the year is over.

Again, only 8 shark related deaths have been reported so far this year however they seem to get so much more media coverage. I still will be walking into the ocean very carefully checking my surroundings!


Source: Mashable / Jezebel