Dating can be an absolute freaking nightmare, and that's why online dating has really taken off! But of course, there are always issues with dating online, and the biggest is whether knowing they are who they say they are!

Well a new dating app has just fixed majority of the dating problems in 2016!

Scott Griessel via ThinkStock
Scott Griessel via ThinkStock

A company in Phoenix just launched a new dating app called Date Miserable People. The entire goal is to connect people who are sick of all the bulls***; they're honest about their baggage, their self-loathing, and their flaws.

The guy who created it says it's a place where people with, quote, "not-so-perfect lives" can tell the truth without feeling like they're inadequate. The issue is everyone pictures the 'perfect' mate at the other end of that dating app and majority of the time that isn't the case.

And if you're like me, you're probably wondering about the unusual title? Well apps inventor, Shaun Price explains that "misery is completely subjective to each individual.  A member might be 50 years old and still living in his parents' house. Another member might be having a hard time getting over the passing of a family member... some people are just miserable in general. Misery is what each person considers it. However, the opportunity to meet others, share situations and experiences in an honest and real dating platform may just bring some relief, happiness, content and joy to people's lives."

We ALLLLL have things in our lives we aren't proud of, maybe a tad embarrassed but we all have them so why not be open and honest about it right up front to truly learn someone!

If you're interested, you can go to to get started.

[VIA: AZFamily ]