CVS is making a huge step in the men’s makeup world industry. According to Chron, the drugstore has added a new cosmetics line called Stryx.

Fun fact. 33% of men under 45 said that they would consider wearing makeup. And this cosmetic line allows for men to do so without feeling awkward or weird.

Devir Kahan started the company in 2017. Kahan was inspired by his own experience of waking up with a pimple on his wedding day and not having anything around him to fix it. Kahan feels that men deserved to be represented in the makeup industry. Kahan said, “It’s not about a full face of makeup or color, We’re talking about improving blemishes, fixing up under-eye bags, a zit — all these sorts of things.”

A no, they aren't just taking women's foundation or concealer and putting a male label on it. Thes products were made specifically with men and mind and range from spanning wrinkle creams, moisturizers to hair serum.

Men's grooming has seen significant growth since the COVID-19 lockdown started. Stryx is taking advantage of this change and wanted to partner with CVS to get their products to more consumers.

CVS said that “Men’s grooming has seen incredible growth during this stay-at-home period. Adding Stryx is part of a strategy to go after that market by bringing in more emerging brands that focus on guys. Men are a top customer focus at CVS Beauty.”

"A lot of guys just never give themselves the chance, and that goes for men of all sexualities,” said Axel Getz, a 24-year-old environmental consultant. Getz had always been skeptical about wearing makeup until he tried the brand's tinted moisturizer.

According to Chron, other companies are working to expand their products to cater to other genders as well.


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