A shocking video showing Spice Girls singer and America's Got Talent judge Mel B being fondled on television has gone viral, igniting Twitter.

The clip, which is from a 2014 morning show interview, began circulating early Monday morning (July 9). In the footage, Mel B is sitting next to X Factor judge Louis Walsh, who has his arm around her and can be clearly seen patting and squeezing the artist's backside without her consent.

Mel B, realizing the unwanted touching, begins squirming uncomfortably as she looks down and sees Walsh's hand on her. She then stops the interview to point out the assault as it's happening.

"Hold on a minute, why are you grabbing my butt?" she asks incredulously, moving away from him on the couch.

After Mel B speaks up, Walsh jokes that he was just "looking after" her, while a complicit Simon Cowell quips that she's "safe," a reference to Walsh being gay.

After circulating online, users across social media began voicing their disgust and outrage.

"The fact that some people don’t think this is sexual harassment bc he’s gay & saying Mel B is in the wrong for reacting the way she did ?!?!!" one user tweeted, while another lamented, "We have all had strange men touch us without our consent and everytime you react they make it seem like you're overreacting or it want intentional. Man, how TF do you grope my ass by mistake?"

See more reactions to the moment, below:

Mel B has yet to acknowledge the video on social media.

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