When I was a kid, I was just happy to even get to go to McDonald's...and we lived right next door to one. Mostly visits were reserved for special occasions like, "Hooray, we survived a trip to the ER."

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Do you remember when McDonald's was reserved for special occasions and how happy we were to get a cool toy and maybe play in the deathtrap known as the Hamburglar jail playground piece? Yeah, times have changed.

Kids just aren’t that impressed anymore with getting their Happy Meal packaged in a cute little box with a toy, so McDonald's has had to up the ante, enlisting the help of musicians to get kids to beg their parents to take them through the drive-thru.

A few weeks ago, McDonald's quietly added a new secret menu item with the help of rapper Travis Scott. Once word of the meal went underground with teens and pre-teens, the secret was out and McDonald's locations across the country were inundated with orders of the “Travis Scott” meal. The Travis Scott combo costs $6.00 and included a quarter pounder with cheese with bacon, and lettuce, a medium order of french fries with barbeque dipping sauce, and a Sprite.

Don’t pull up to the window of your McDonalds and expect to be able to order the Travis Scott combo though. That deal is old news and McDonald's restaurants stopped offering the meal on October 4. The new meal is the J. Balvin combo.

That’s right. McDonald's is at it again and they're not secretly slipping anything into their menu this time. This time, they're shouting it out for the world to hear that they've teamed up with pop star J Balvin whose meal includes a Big Mac (no pickles), medium fries with ketchup, and an Oreo McFlurry. The J. Balvin meal will be available from Monday, October 12 through Wednesday, November 11 and the price will vary from location to location.

Interesting side note, the collaboration between McDonald's and Travis Scott was the first celebrity partnership McDonald's has with anyone since the "McJordan Special" was released with Michael Jordan all the way back in 1992. Unlike the Travis Scott and J. Balvin combos, the McJordan was only available in the Chicago area and consisted of a Quarter Pounder with bacon and barbecue sauce, fries, and a drink.

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