What are the best hamburger toppings according to people polled the United States? According to Thriillist, a great burger is made up of many parts. Quality meat & bread are mandatory, but it’s the rest that make it truly special. The publication Thrillist recently put out a list of the most popular toppings and here they are:

When you think of the greatest burgers ever, you’re talking more than just meat and bread. Yeah, they matter, but there’s more to the picture than just those two basic ingredients. The toppings are what make a burger special, and they’re worth a good debate. So, burger mavens put their patty-loving brains together and ranked the best of the burger toppings. It can lead to your next great burger experience…or, at the very least, an interesting debate. Here’s how they see it…


12     Mushrooms – Not all that common but can lend a nice touch when combined with other more important toppings.

11     Tomatoes – You’d think they’d be higher considering just about every restaurant puts the suckers on their burgers for the haters to pick off.

10     Eggs – Controversial to some but growing in popularity.

9       Chili – When it’s done right, it’s fantastic…but have a fork on hand for the overflow.

8       Lettuce – Basically flavorless…but adds a nice crunch.

7       Avocado – Add a nice texture that mayo and cheese can’t match on their own.

6       Chiles – The right ones can add a solid kick to any burger.

5       Bacon – To be fair, this should be number one on every list.

4       Pickles – One of the most perfect compliments to a dead cow experience.

3       Condiments – It feels like cheating to have ketchup, mustard, mayo, BBQ sauce, and all their friends in one single category.

2       Onions – They’re versatility is the key here. Raw adds a kick. Grilled adds depth. Fried onion rings on a BBQ bacon cheeseburger is otherworldly.

1       Cheese – This one isn’t even close. Every kind of cheese makes a different taste experience…and then you can combine them and really go crazy.

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