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Mariah Carey Finally Releases Long Lost 1995 Music Video

It took her eight years to find it! Watch "Underneath the Stars," below:

People Who Travel Often More Likely To Cheat, Study Finds

A study by researchers from Columbia University, called “The Dark Side of Going Abroad," found that those who travel more often may not be as committed in romantic relationships. Although abroad experiences may be a great way to learn about new cultures and locations, there may be an increase in cheating behaviors while traveling. The researchers behind this study believe that this may be because when abroad, people realize that morals are relative and not absolute. Will this change your mind about wanting a well-traveled partner? (via Daily Mail)

Whole Foods Offering Turkey "Insurance" for Thanksgiving

We can admit that we've dried out a turkey once or twice before. If you’re scared your turkey may end up being a disaster this Thanksgiving, just buy your bird at Whole Foods between November 11-22. If things don’t go well come Thanksgiving, just show your Whole Foods receipt, a photo of your “fail,” and a short explanation of how it happened for a $35 gift card. (via WPST)

James Charles Slams Instagram Update: "Their Priorities Lie in Making Money"

James Charles is not happy with Instagram's latest update and claims it was only changed in order to make money. He doesn't like the added Reels feature, especially since TikTok is essentially the same thing, and he hates how the notifications button has turned into a shopping button. (via Just Jared

Taylor Swift's Cats Most Searched Celebrity Pets in 2020

Who doesn’t love Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson and Benjamin Button? British retailer Matalan took a look at Google search data for celebrity pets and found that Taylor Swift’s three cats were the most searched pets of the year. The kitties, who are named after popular fictional television and movie characters, were searched over 979,000 times. Coming in second with 206,000 searches were Kylie Jenner’s dogs, who even have their own Instagram account! Honorable mentions go to Amanda Seyfried’s dog, Sophie Turner’s puppies and Ed Sheeran’s cats. (via People)

Resellers Asking Up to $32,000 for Sold Out Game Consoles

Back in March, it was impossible for gamers to get their hands on the Nintendo Switch. Now, it seems folks can't get their hands on the Xbox X|S or PlayStation 5, which went on sale last week. Though retail stores may be sold out, eBay has a few left—if you’re willing to pay. The PlayStation 5 was recently listed for $32,000, while an Xbox X|S listing recently went for $8,000. (via CBS)

Scrapped Albums That Were Never Released

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