New York State Department of Transportation officials report progress has been made in Phase 1 of the Prospect Mountain Project on Interstate 81/ Route 17 involving travel into and through Binghamton and surrounding areas.  To date 83 percent of the initial phase of the project has been completed.

Project objectives include the elimination of operational deficiencies of State Route 17 eastbound and westbound to allow designation as Interstate 86 in this segment of Route 17.  In addition, the objective is to eliminate the structural deficiencies of bridges that carry traffic on State Route 17 and Interstate 81 over the Chenango River.  A third objective of the project is to reduce the potential of vehicular accidents and improve safety conditions within the reconstruction area.

Some of the work accomplished so far includes: the replacement of the I-81 and Route 17 westbound bridge over Chenango Street, reconstruction of the State Route 17 eastbound ramp to I-81 north, the opening of the new Route 17 westbound Exit 72 (Prospect Street) and  the closing of Exit 72 (Mygatt Street).

Phase 1 continues through December 31, 2015. No major traffic pattern changes are expected this summer.  There will be various lane shifts that will occur as the work progresses.



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