If you have been ordering online and expecting letters and packages, this is one thing that will not change during the coronavirus outbreak.

According to CNN.com, the main delivery services will remain open delivering packages and letters throughout the United States.

The United States Postal Service will continue to deliver mail and packages but will not be offering a guarantee on Priority Mail Express International due to airline cancellations and restrictions to China and Hong Kong. You can also find out if your post offices are open so you can get your mail from your post office boxes here.

FedEx will continue to deliver packages and the company is constantly sanitizing delivery equipment. There may be delays in areas where coronavirus is prevalent. But the company plans to keep delivering packages.

UPS will also continue to deliver packages to residents and businesses. The delays would be for packages overseas and to other countries.

Amazon is one of the main ways we get our products and the good news is, they are still delivering packages. They warn that there may be delays because of products being out of stock. Many people are doing their shopping through Amazon online. They are also protecting their consumers from others that are trying to price gouge.

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