We just released a new video from LUMA 2017 that I hope will knock your socks off. If you’re not familiar with LUMA Projection Arts Festival, it’s an event I launched in 2015 with a bunch of really amazing Binghamtonians who wanted to add something truly unique to the downtown scene. We focus on the art of projection mapping, or using projectors and 3D animation to create the illusion that we’re actually warping the structure of a building in real time.

This past year, we worked with a number of international artists. A team came from Budapest; another from Barcelona. The video we just released was a recording of Light Harvest’s (NYC) work. In “Shoulders of the Past”, LH explored how one generation passes their work and traditions on to the next. It’s probably better watched than explained; and the good news is, we now have a beautiful video to show you thanks to the work of LUMA co-founder, Tice Lerner.

ENJOY! And we hope we see you at LUMA 2018...

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