Do you have an overbite? Are you extremely and almost dangerously hairy? Are you very very short? Or super-duper tall? Are you missing teeth? Do you have “long skinny limbs”? Have you been burdened with “acne scars, ears that stick out,” or a “bulbous or interesting nose?” Do you have a false eye that you can remove on command?

If any or all of these sound like you definitely check out this Facebook ad from BGT talent agency, who are currently casting for Amazon’s upcoming TV series adaptation of The Lord of the Rings and are looking for, in their words “funky-looking” people to fill out the cast. They literally asked for people with false eyes that can be removed on command.

The Facebook post includes a whole list of types they want:

  1. Short people under 4 foot 12 (we know that 4 foot 12 is 5 foot)
  2. Tall people over 6 foot 5
  3. Character faces, wrinkles and lots of them please
  4. Androgynous men and women
  5. Hairy hairy people of all ages and ethnicities
  6. Tall, Long Lithe dancers
  7. Circus performers who can juggle, stilt walk!
  8. Stocky mean-looking bikers
  9. Eurasian people of all ages.
  10. Hispanic - Latino, Mexican, South American
  11. Red heads all ages, shapes and sizes.
  12. HAIR HAIR HAIR - if you natural red hair, white hair, or lots and lots of freckles.

Middle-earth don’t manscape, apparently.

Interested parties are welcome to email — but you need to be “a New Zealand resident or hold a valid New Zealand work visa.” Sorry to all the stocky, mean-looking bikers who can also juggle and stilt walk out there in the good old United States of America. Perhaps someday they’ll reboot Sons of Anarchy just for you.

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