If you’re looking for a job but are more of a homebody or just prefer working from home, the New York State Department of Labor is looking for employees and the job can be done remotely.

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When the coronavirus pandemic hit, thousands of New Yorkers found themselves furloughed or laid off. All of the employment changes meant that the New York State Department of Labor has been bombarded by unemployment claims and the department has been struggling to keep up with all of the claims that have been filed.

In addition to thousands of unemployment claims filed with the state since the early spring of 2020, the New York State Department of Labor has also struggled with sorting out unemployment fraud, processing delays, and banking issues.

In an attempt to get a better handle on things, the New York State Department of Labor has announced it will be hiring hundreds of employees to help process unemployment claims and while the bulk of your job can be done from home, you will need to make yourself available from time to time to report either to the Department of Labor office in Albany or in Endicott.

If you'd like to learn more about the remote jobs offered by the New York State Department of Labor, visit the New York State jobs website.

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