Everyone will be watching Josh Allen against the Patriots, but you may want to pay close attention to his shoes. They are one of a kind, signed by one patient currently recovering from recurring seizures.

Madalyn Ashbery has been in the hospital recovering from her (SEG) brain surgery on Nov. 11, though she has undergone several surgeries already at only 14 years old. On Nov. 19, she had a follow-up to the (SEG) brain surgery to take the leads out after recording data on her seizures. 

Madalyn’s dad, Doug, took to Facebook to explain how his daughter was feeling about the surgeries and having to shave her head for it.

One Buffalo Bill has gone out of his way to make sure Madalyn knows that he accepts her, and that player is none other than our quarterback, Josh Allen.

Josh Allen stopped by with his cleats to see Madalyn Ashbury, and he asked Ashbury for her autograph -- but on his cleats.

Madalyn happily signed Josh Allen’s shoes, and he plans to wear them for the Patriots game.

People have asked whether or not Madalyn will be able to keep the pair of Josh Allen cleats after the game, and although she really would like to have them, the Ashbury-signed shoes will go up for auction. 

This is a special week for the NFL, where players hold an auction as part of “Cleats for a Cause,” and then each player will select an organization to donate the funds. Josh Allen has chosen a children’s hospital.

Look for those special shoes tonight!

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