Sia's made no secret of her past struggle with drug and alcohol abuse, and some of her most massive, widespread smash hits — like "Chandelier," "Elastic Heart" and "Big Girls Cry" — draw inspiration from those dark moments.

Fashion darling-slash-singing-rapping-It girl Brooke Candy has certainly been upfront about grappling with substance abuse as well. And in fact, it was Sia who helped her to kick the habit.

“I was on a lot of drugs, and [Sia] helped me kick drugs," Candy told Fashion Unfiltered back in August. "She found me and e-mailed me when I was squatting in this punk house. I was basically homeless and I was hustling like ten different jobs, and she said, ‘You are so weird. I want to write a song for you.’ Then I met her and she was like, ‘F--k a song. I’m going to do your whole album, and I’m going to help you navigate this disgusting fame industry.'"

Accordingly, "Living Out Loud," a collaboration between the two which doubles as the lead single off of Brooke's forthcoming major label debut Daddy Issues out this spring, hones in on those vices and celebrates their perseverance.

Produced by Jesse Shatkin (who also did "Chandelier") and written by Sia, Geoffrey Early, Priscilla Renea and Greg Kurstin, the anthemic track makes clever use of a countdown in lyrical form ("Twelve step program, but I don't like to walk / Eleven wet kisses just to get me to talk") — and of course, features some signature Sia belting and razor-sharp hooks that turn tackling the most uncomfortable of demons into something singalong-friendly and universally relatable.

"Living Out Loud" is, of course, a far pop cry from Brooke Candy's most raunchy, explicit-filled rap moments like "Das Me," or even her Opulence EP in 2014. Her core fanbase now seems somewhat divided over whether she should "stick to rap" or explore beyond those confines.

But really, what's wrong with exploring new territory anyway? She's just living out loud — after all, it's the only way she knows how.

Listen to "Living Out Loud" up top.

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