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Liam Payne Blames Himself for Broken Engagement

Singer Liam Payne and model Maya Henry have ended their 10-month engagement. According to an interview with Steven Bartlett, Payne said that he blames himself for the breakup. Payne also revealed he is one month sober from drinking and wants to better himself before getting into another serious relationship. (via TMZ)

Jeff Bezos Is Going To Space and It's a Family Affair

Jeff Bezos, who is gearing up to step down from his role as Amazon CEO, is about to embark on a new journey. He announced that he will travel to space for the first mission with his new aerospace company, BlueOrigin. On July 20, he and his brother Mark will travel in the rocket ship named New Shepard. (via TMZ)

Many Lose Sleep Knowing a Bug Is Crawling Around Their House!

Surveys say that 69 percent of people cannot get to sleep after seeing a bug in their home. Bugs actually affect sleep more than you might think, with an annual average of 36 hours of sleep lost to fear of creepy crawlers. Why are they such a nuisance? According to 64 percent of people, bugs are supposedly only here to cause pain and make us itch, with no other good reason to be around! (via StudyFinds)

Snooki Is Set To Host MTV's Next Ridiculousness Spinoff

MTV recently announced its new Ridiculousness spinoff, Messyness. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi will host the new show, covering messy situations ranging from marriage proposals gone wrong to cheaters getting caught red-handed. The new show will premiere later this year. (via The Wrap)

Mariah Carey Dispels Rumors About Beef With Jay-Z

Rumors have been going around that Mariah Carey wants nothing to do with Jay-Z and his management company, Roc Nation, following an alleged "explosive" argument about her career during a meeting. On Twitter, Carey set the record straight, writing, "The only ‘explosive’ situation I’d ever ‘get into’ with Hov is a creative tangent, such as our #1 song Heartbreaker." (via New York Post)

Feeling Lonely? Or Not Lonely Enough?

New polls reveal that 26 percent of people want more alone time, while only 11 percent of people feel that they already have too much alone time. Even after lock-downs and quarantine, it seems people still need their alone time to recharge. (via YouGovAmerica)

Jennifer Lopez Spotted Looking at Schools in L.A.

J-Lo and Ben Affleck have been spending a lot of time together, as numerous pictures of them have surfaced over the past few months. Recently, the singer was spotted looking at schools in Los Angeles. She and her children currently reside in Miami, but the new photos have us wondering if she is considering a move to be with Ben. (via TMZ)

Joe Jonas Considers Re-Recording Debut Jonas Brothers Album

Joe Jonas seems to like Taylor Swift's idea of re-recording previously-released albums. Fans loved Swift's re-release of Fearless, so Jonas thinks it would be a good idea to completely re-record the Jonas Brothers' first album, It's About Time. (via People)

BTS' RM Just Released a New Solo Song

On Sunday, BTS leader RM released a new solo single titled Bicycle. Check it out, below:

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