Yoga has been around for forever, but I feel like there's still a misconception that there are only certain types of people who practice it. A lot of people think yoga is just for the young and fit, but did you know that if you're overweight, yoga can do wonders for your body?

Look, I know that it's not easy to walk into something new when you're carrying some extra pounds and already self-conscious. Nobody wants to feel like all eyes are on them, judging them. Forget about the judgers.

If you proclaimed on New Years Day in January that you were going to make 2016 your year, but haven't changed anything about your life, there's still time. It might be October, but you can still take steps to taking back your life. Why not start with getting back your flexibility and mobility?

According to the American Osteopathic Association, yoga won't just help you clear your mind, but it will help with a variety of other things including, weight reduction (yes, yoga can help you with your weight issues), balancing out your metabolism, and boosting your energy.

If you'd like to give yoga a try and think you might be more comfortable giving it a go with other people who are just starting out, the Broome County Public Library is holding a four-week yoga class for people aged 12 and older and who area all shapes and sizes. The class starts this evening, October 4th and runs from 5:30pm-6:30pm.

Make you that you register today by calling the Library's Information Services Department at 607-778-6451. When you call, they'll explain what you'll need to wear, bring with you and so forth.

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