If you have been in a relationship for a decent amount of time (1 year I think), then you know your man pretty damn well! You know what he likes to eat, his favorite shows, what makes him happy and…. what makes him angry hahah! Every guy has those buttons that if you push them enough he gets angry!

And same goes for us woman too, so don’t think we are completely off the hook yet! However, it seems to be easier to figure out men than women… shocker huh!!!

Well a survey looked at what made men mad, and not just what makes they a typical angry but what makes them irrationally angry! I’m sure we can all relate to a situation of irrational anger… shouldn’t be angry but you are!

Jackie Nutt
Jackie Nutt & her boyfriend Rob were heading to a wedding!! - He's not mad, just making funny faces but I thought it fit nicely hahaha!

If you want to avoid any stupid fights, or maybe just want to learn men better (gross!), then take a look at these 9 things that weirdly make men irrationally angry…

1. When you talk about your ex… DUH LADIES!!!!!!!

2. Withholding sex!

3. Anything when they are hungry ahahah

4. Telling him about an event last minute (I am SUPER guilty of this one!!)

5. When his sports team loses…

6. Stealing food off his plate (also super guilty….)

7. Finding our hair on their person, clothing or around the house (DAMN I must be a terrible girlfriend because I am super guilty of this one too!!)

8. Gossip!

9. Telling them they have a big butt

Did you really think that was the whole list.. HA!!! Nope, 8 more things that will make him irrationally angry (& I’m sure it doesn’t stop there haha). And one more quick note… just because he gets irrationally angry does NOT mean it is your fault and you shouldn’t make it your fault! We just need to give all the men in the world chill pills haha!