Paige Shoemaker and her friend Sadie went viral last week after they sent a photo on Snapchat where the pair was throwing gang signs while in blackface. The two girls also captioned the photo, “feels good to finally be a N---a.”

A fellow Snapchat friend of Paige's posted the photo on his Twitter page for everyone to see and Paige has since been kicked out of Kansas State University. Shoemaker recently told the Washington Post that she was Snapchatting with a friend who is black and never meant for the photo to go viral. They were also using L'Oreal face masks, and not intentionally putting it on.

Regardless of whether or not she intended anyone to see the photo, nothing on social media (even the so called 'private' Snapchat) is ever safe or gone forever and that is an important lesson to learn. Education is the most powerful tool!

Here's the Snapchat she sent:


[VIA: DailyNews ]

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