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Justin Bieber Feels Fans Have Been Overstepping Boundaries

Justin Bieber wants fans to respect his personal space. Recently, fans gathered outside the singer's New York City apartment, invading his privacy while asking for photos and hugs. A TikTok shared by user @vanessafex shows the star politely telling fans that they can't bombard him when he gets home. (via The Indian Express)

Celebrity Cameos Are the Hot New Gift for Friends and Family

Yet another celebrity has joined the Cameo app and is willing to say whatever you want — for a fee, of course. Chris Stapleton is now on Cameo, and his proceeds are going to his charity "Outlaw State of Kind." (Via KNEB)

More Bachelor Drama

Last year, the government lent PPP loans to small businesses who needed help to keep running during the COVID-19 crisis. But now, Bachelor fans are confused as to why past influencers from the show — such as Tayshia Adams, Arie Luyendyk and Colton Underwood — allegedly received $20,000 loans. Many are angry because the loans were for struggling small businesses who really needed them. (via TMZ)

What Did People Miss Most About Their Work Commute?

A new poll revealed that the one thing many commuters missed last year was the radio! Of respondents, 55 percent said they especially missed singing along to some of their favorite songs as they drove to work. (via Inside Radio)

Miss Nevada Makes History

Kataluna Enriquez has become the first transgender women to win Miss Nevada! She will move on to compete in the Miss USA pageant on November 29. (via NBC News)

Frightening New Weight Loss Product No Person Should Try

The "Dental Slim" is a heinous weight loss product created by the University of Otago. The design uses magnets that lock your mouth into a closed position so that you can only consume liquids. Many are comparing this toxic product to a medieval torture device.

Who Doesn't Love a BBQ on the Fourth of July? 

The Fourth of July is right around the corner and many are beginning to make plans for the weekend. A survey on yougov.com revealed that the number one food for July 4 is... the hamburger! Perhaps unsurprisingly, the hot dog came in second place. In third place? Ribs! (via YouGov)

Viral Parking TikTok Hack You Need to Try 

A TikTok user by the name of @bigbruva_77 posted his parking hack and now it's gone viral! His advice is to park your left tires exactly on the line so you and the cars around you can exit comfortably.

Celebrities Who Had Scary Encounters With Fans

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