I’ve been watching old episodes of the Twilight Zone recently--mostly because I’m excited about what’s to come.

Most people around here already know that TZ’s creator, Rod Serling, grew up in Binghamton. But they might not realize that the popularity of The Twilight Zone is about to explode again.

Variety reports Get Out director Jordan Peele has struck a deal with CBS All Access to reboot the series, and given how hot he is right now, it could mean big things for the future of The Twilight Zone.

Peele’s been popular for years on shows like Mad TV and Key & Peele, but his directorial debut in the massively successful Get Out made him a truly household name. And his popularity doesn’t seem to be fading. In the last few months alone, it was announced that he’d help reboot Twilight Zone and create new Amazon docuseries about Lorena Bobbitt. He also just appeared in a BuzzFeed video which used a combination of his Obama impersonation and a high quality video alternation technique to make it appear as if the former President was delivering a message he had never spoken.

Personally, I’m hoping Peele continues to steal headlines. The bigger he gets, the bigger his Twilight Zone reboot will be. And that can only help Binghamton as a place with inextricably linked to the legendary series.

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