The HBO series 'The Gilded Age' starring Christine Baranski, Cynthia Nixon and others has enjoyed 2 strong seasons and a growing fan base hoping for more. Now that the 2nd season has wrapped, the attention turns to season 3.

Variety reports that there will indeed be a season 3 as the story revolving around the new money vs. the old money of New York State and Rhode Island in the late 1800's. The questions for New Yorkers is, will the series return to the Capital Region to film parts of season 3?

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According to Economic Times the details regarding the filming and eventual release timeline has not been confirmed as of yet. If you look back at the timing of seasons 1 and 2 filming would get underway in late spring and summer 2024.

According to the Cohoes Music Hall Facebook page, the historic theatre was featured in Season 2 Episode 3 "Head to Head". This music hall is the perfect location for "The Gilded Age" as the venue opened nearly 150 years ago (November 1874).

Producers, directors, actors and set designers spent a great deal of time in the Capital Region of New York while filming the first 2 seasons of The gilded Age. In August of 2022 Townsquare Media captured some behind the scenes photos while filming in Albany, Cohoes and Troy.

Sections of Troy had been transformed from 2022 back to the 1800's. Scroll through the pictures below to see before and after of the stores, restaurants and landmarks of Troy.

Karolyi TSM
Karolyi TSM

Places such as No Fun and Curated Phases were gone! Well, they are still there but for a day or so, one has been turned into Donoghue House while the other will become Dewees Brothers Clothier.

The Gilded Age Filming Locations, Troy, NY

See the before and after pictures of the buildings, businesses and landmarks that went from Troy, NY in 2022 to Manhattan in the 1800's. All of this in preparation for HBO's The Gilded Age Season 2.

Gallery Credit: Karolyi

Pictures from Gilded Age Season 2 - Filming on State Street in Albany

Gallery Credit: Brian Cody TSM

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