New York bottle and can deposits are most likely going up and will expand to many more types of beverages.

In an effort to encourage recycling, New Yorkers currently pay a five-cent deposit on bottles and cans of beer, soda and water. Now, the New York Senate and Assembly are considering major changes to the Bottle Bill.

Since the original bill's passing 40 years ago, the reward for collecting, storing and hauling bottles and cans for recycling hasn't kept pace with inflation. This has made the amount of deposit hardly worth all of the effort for many New Yorkers. Having to return 100 glass bottles just to get five dollars just doesn't seem worth it.



Recycling Centers Risk Closing

Because the deposit is so low, many recycling centers across New York State have already closed or are at risk of closing. Currently, the state pays recycling centers eight-and-a-half cents for every return. Five cents goes to the customer and the center gets to keep just three and a half cents. The owners of these centers complain that it's hardly enough profit for them to remain profitable.

Bottle Bill Expansion

New York is considering a change to the current bottle bill that would raise the price of deposits to 10 cents. This would increase the deposit charged on a case of beer from $1.20 to $2.40.


Not only is the cost for deposits expected to increase but the types of containers that would require that deposit may be expanding. Lawmakers are expected to add additional categories of beverages to the bottle bill. Some of the items that could soon require a deposit include containers of milk, Gatorade, iced tea, wine and liquor.

Joint Public Hearing Held This Week

The New York State Senate and Assembly are holding a public hearing on Monday "to examine legislative solutions to update and increase the effectiveness of the Bottle Bill". It's expected that the state will begin the process of increasing the amount of deposits and expanding the types of containers that require a deposit once public comments are heard.

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