Despite what you might have heard, experts warn New Yorkers to never keep this item in your wallet.

As technology advances I find myself having less and less use for a wallet. I rarely spend cash, most of my loyalty cards are on my phone and I tap to pay more than I reach for a credit card. Once New York allows residents to store their driver's license digitally, I may finally be able to ditch the wallet.

What You SHOULD Keep in Your Wallet

Sometimes there's no avoiding having important items on your person. One of the few things that I do need to keep in my wallet is a very specific rewards card. While Target, ShopRite, Stop & Shop, Starbucks, Dunkin', Walgreens, and virtually all other stores allow me to put my loyalty card in my Apple Wallet, Price Chopper does not.

Because of this, I'm forced to carry around the same Price Chopper card I've had since the 1990s. The card is in such bad condition that I was finally forced to order a replacement at the customer service desk. It took forever to track down my account because it turns out when I signed up for the card, my phone number still started with a 914 area code (yeah, it's a really old card).

A. Boris
A. Boris

Listeners Share Old Items They Keep in Their Wallets

We also asked our listeners if they had any ancient artifacts that they're still carrying around in their wallets and we received some interesting answers. One person still carries around his military discharge papers from 1970, another still has their Blockbuster Video card that they hold on to for nostalgia purposes. We spoke to some people who have lucky coins and other keepsakes and several others who still prefer to carry physical snapshots of loved ones instead of pictures on their phones.

One item that several listeners say they keep with them, however, is potentially dangerous. Experts say it should never be held in your wallet and doing so could be the biggest mistake of your life.


NEVER Keep This Card in Your Wallet

An alarming number of listeners told us that the oldest item in their wallet is their social security card. According to the Social Security Administration, you should never keep your social security card in your wallet. In fact, identity thief experts say it's one of the most dangerous things you can do.

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All a scammer needs is your nine-digit social security number to steal your identity. They can open a bank account in your name, apply for a credit card, get a driver's license, obtain a passport and basically ruin your life.

Copies of your card or even a piece of paper with your social security number written on it should never be in your wallet. If it's lost and gets into the wrong hands, you could find yourself in a whole heap of financial trouble. Experts say to keep your social security card in a lockbox or safe in your home in case you need it.

If you're tempted to put that card in your safe deposit box, that would also be a huge mistake.

10 Items You Should Never Keep in a Safe Deposit Box

Demand for safe deposit boxes is on the rise as more and more banks across the Hudson Valley are discontinuing the service. Space and staff needed to maintain the boxes aren't cost-effective for banks, which have been reducing their size and opting for online services instead. If you're lucky enough to find a safe deposit box to rent, you'll probably want to fill it up with all of your important paperwork and valuables. However, there are several items you should NEVER put in a safe deposit box for good reason.

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