Everyone loves a little trivia.  A little fun factoid that will make you scratch your head and say, "Wait, what?"

This gallery is loaded with amazing facts about Upstate New York's people. places, and things that you may or may not have known about.  Like that the first modern dental chair was invented in Syracuse.  Or maybe you didn't know that there is a large manufacturing plant out in Livingston County that makes all the Cool Whip and "Lunchables" that we see in supermarkets everywhere.  Did you know that little Norwich, NY was once the "Hammer Capital of the World."  Right here in Chenango County!

Upstaters love the fact that we have the only "green over red " traffic signal in the United States.  Why?  You will see the story here.  And we also love the fact that maybe, just maybe, the famous Morse Code got all its kinks worked out one summer when inventor Samuel F. B. Morse visited a hamlet in Otsego County, went into a miniscule building, and got to work!

And where the heck was Thousand Islands salad dressing invented?  Yes, we know...the 1,000 Islands."  But is there a mystery to it's origins?  Of course there is and we examine it in the gallery below.

There must be hundreds, heck, thousands, of great little piece of Upstate New York trivia floating around out there among our readers.  So, if you know a juicy tidbit, a fanciful factoid, that you think we would all enjoy, please visit our Facebook page and share it with our readers.  We really do want to hear from you!

30 "Head Scratching" Trivia Facts About Upstate New York

There are so many fascinating trivia facts about Upstate New York that one could write a book about it. Here are 30 interesting factoids about our region that will leave you scratching your head!

Everything had to start somewhere and Upstate New York was the birthplace of many commonly used items today and over the past 150 years. Things we love, like Pyrex dishware, things we play with, like the golf tee, and things we would rather not find ourselves sitting in, the modern dentist chair! Plus the 4th most favorite salad dressing in the US was born here, and America's favorite whipped topping is made here, too! All of these and many other trivial facts about people, places and things from Upstate New York make this a "must-read" gallery!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

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There is no best season to go antiquing in Upstate New York. However, autumn can't be beat for its natural splendor and for the bargains you will find from the Hudson to the North Country to Western New York. Pickers should definitely put these 15 antique destinations on their next road trip through the region!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio