Upstate New York's Interstate 88 (I-88) cuts a pretty swath through the gorgeous rural countryside of the region, from just outside the city of Binghamton to just outside of the city of Schenectady.  The 120-mile journey takes you through parts of six different Upstate counties (Broome, Chenango, Delaware, Otsego, Schoharie and Schenectady) and through many small hamlets and villages.  The largest city along the route is Oneonta, followed by another college city, Cobleskill.

This roadtrip gallery is a primer to your next trip on the highway.  It includes museums, restaurants, and special places to see.  One of them, which is clearly in sight of the highway, is known as  "America's Most Famous Hole in the Ground."  Have you been there?  Thousands visit each year.

I-88 is officially known as the Warren M. Anderson Expressway, honoring the longtime New York State Majority Leader Anderson, who lived in Binghamton.  He was a major supporter of the construction of the highway (many say it was because he was tired and frustrated at having to travel the winding two-lane NYS Rt. 7 for hours to travel from his home to the New York State Capitol.)  The highway was completed in 1989 and cost $500,000,000.

If you have traveled on this highway over a period of time, you will know why people who live along I-88 call it their "own secret highway."  Traffic is almost never heavy, and indeed, many times you will have this pleasurable ride all to your self.  The roadside scenery and vistas are gorgeous, especially in the fall.

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Upstate New York Road Trip! 120 Miles Along Beautiful I-88

This roadtrip gallery takes us along the east-west Interstate I-88, which runs about 120 miles from just outside of Binghamton to just outside of Schenectady. This gallery highlights 16 places to mark down in your journey journal to check out. Places to eat, to enjoy, and to learn from. The trip goes (west to east) through beautiful areas of Upstate New York's mid-section, through parts of Broome, Chenango, Delaware, Schoharie and the edge of Schenectady Counties. Halfway through the trip you will go through the largest city along the highway, Oneonta, and several tiny villages like Afton, Bainbridge, and Unadilla. All have stories to tell.

All of these 16 stops are either on, just off, or no more than 10 miles from I-88. So prepare to take a little roadtrip along one of the Empire State's most beautiful highways, in all four seasons, the Warren Anderson Expressway, also known as I-88.

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

13 Delicious Places to Eat Along the Erie Canal!

Thousands of tourists travel the Erie Canal route, by car and boat, in Upstate New York annually. For a convenient reference guide we have picked out a baker's dozen great places to dine along the canal for single folks traveling through or for families making this region their summer vacation. There are many fine restaurants to choose from, so we split it up in two. This gallery looks at places from Canastota westward. We will look "the other half" in a future gallery.

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

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