There are so many famous homes across Upstate New York that it was very hard to pick a selection for this gallery.  My only rule is that all of them are open to the general public for tours.

I had the pleasure to write a book about famous homes across our region, "Open House" (published by Syracuse University Press).  These 21 are among the most fascinating of those included in the book.

In this gallery you will meet some real gems.  One of them is the oldest house in the Mohawk Valley.  Another is the incredible home that is the oldest in all of Upstate New York State(1663)!  Still another was the home to a rural medical doctor and his family.  This family practiced medicine in this house for 80 years.  It is a great place to take a tour.  Herman Melville, author of "Moby Dick," lived and wrote for several years in a house near Troy, NY.

Some of these homes are mansions, others are decidedly not mansions.  They all  have wonderful back stories to them.  A few are in big cities across Upstate New York, but for the most part most of them are located in smaller rural communities.  Some were built in the 1700s, but most were constructed in the early 1800s.

Each of these home is linked to their website and all host public tours.

If you know of a famous home that gives tours, but one that did not make our list, please share it over on our Facebook page.  We want to hear from you!

21 Famous Upstate NY Homes You've Probably Never Heard Of

Here is an eclectic collection of 21 homes that have wonderful back stories to them. Several are grand mansions, several are museums, one is basically a cabin, and one is attached to a lighthouse. The homes have fantastic DNA to them. You may be surprised that a couple of these homes have very significant connections to famous authors. One is the home of a medical family who practiced there for 80 years (same family!). Take a look at these "unknown homes of Upstate New York." And the best thing is that...they are all open to the public for tours! I wrote a book about the famous homes of Upstate New York titled "Open House" (Syracuse University Press) and these are some of the best ones from that book!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

Upstate Legends! The Most Historic 100 Year Old Movie Theatre in the Adirondacks!

Old Forge, NY is really a tourism magnet. This tiny village (population under 1,000) swells each summer as tens of thousands of visitors come here for the sights, the huge water park, the gorgeous lake, camping activities, and just to get away from it all in the clear cool comfort of the mighty Adirondacks. And when they come here, more and more of them are loving the sight of the beautiful old Strand Theatre on Main Street. This 100-year old historic landmark is still showing movies (first run ones, too!) and serving up some of the most delicious popcorn you have eve had (or smelled). But wait. There is a whole lot more inside the front doors. Check out the gallery below for a huge WOW-factor surprise!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio