Everybody loves an old train station, and our Upstate region has plenty of them from the Hudson Valley through the Catskill and Adirondack Mountains, out through the Finger Lakes and on to Western New York.

This gallery looks at a selection of historic train stations that have all been certified with awards into the National Register of Historic Places.  Each gallery has the official date of such prestigious certification.

Some of these historic stations are still active, such as being used by Amtrak.  Others are in private hands, and some others have been turned into museums reflecting and educating on the rail history of our Upstate New York region.  There is one rural train station on this list that is in fact a museum, and what a story it has to tell.  Hint, it has to do with a vacationing camper name Teddy Roosevelt, a harrowing midnight ride, and the assassination of the 25th president of the United States.  A great story with a little train station playing an important role!

Each gallery has the date of the original NRHP certification and a link where applicable.

We know that there are possibly more than a hundred old train stations and depots in our area, both in the rural confines of Upstate New York as well as in the urban centers of our cities.  If you know of an old train station that has been listed with the National Register of Historic Places, please let us know.  We would really like to add to this list!

All aboard!!

These Upstate NY Train Stations are Certified "Historic!"

There is just something about an old train station. And Upstate New York has an abundance of them, reaching back to the infancy of train transportation in America.

This gallery looks a selection of train stations that have been listed on the official National Register of Historic Places. And for good reason. They have beautiful classic architecture, several have remained active as Amtrak stations now into the 21st Century, and others have morphed into museums. All are worthy of a visit from you, whether you are a "rail head" or not. They are beautiful and very interesting!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

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Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio