There is just something about a New York State diner!

Here is a list of 14 great little diners in the Adirondack, North Country, and St. Lawrence Region of Upstate New York

Some are in large cities, like Lake George, Ogdensburg, and Saratoga Springs.  Others, I would suggest, you might have to check out your GPS to find them.  But all are worthy of the trip.

Best Underrated Diners in Upstate New York

These small diners have been hidden away in the mountains and lake country for a very long time.  They are popular with locals, fishermen and hunters, snowmobilers, tourist families, and summer seasonal residents.  The breakfasts are hearty and satisfying, and most are open all day, for lunch and dinner.  And the coffee pot is always on!

When putting this gallery together, we adhered to a single rule.  Each of the places we spotlight actually has the word "Diner" in its business name.  Sure, there are plenty of "diner-like" eateries, cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, and other places for a stack and a cup of Joe.  But a gallery of all of those would include upwards of 100 names.  So, to keep it pure and simple, we settled on only places that have 'diner' in their name.  I am sure you will all agree that these are classic places!

And, remember.  There is a diner or breakfast spot around each corner in Upstate New York, so if we missed yours please give it a shout-out on our Facebook page.  But, remember.  Only if it has the word "diner" in its name, and only in this select region of the state.

We recently did a post that highlighted the Lloyd's of Lowville (NY) diner.  We had over 2,000 people "like" that post.  So we know for sure.....


14 Top Diners in the Adirondack Mountain Region!

The Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York are the perfect landscape for great, small town diners. Here are 14 from the Adirondacks, North Country, and St. Lawrence Region that are delicious. Notice that ALL of the restaurants on this list actually have the word "DINER" in their name (the only criteria to make this list!).

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