Tennis fans attending the U.S. Open in New York last night got a pretty shocking sideshow during an otherwise quiet event.

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In perhaps one of the most expensive pranks of all time judging by the location of the seats, a man treated himself to a haircut while sitting courtside at the U.S. Open on Tuesday night.

A truly inspired prank. There's a tough line to walk when it comes to public pranks. You have to find a nice balance between "yes, this is hysterical" and "nobody will get that mad about this." You also have to be willing to end up on national television when the camera crews find you and start screaming at the production crew to get that action on air.

Quietly having your head shaved while you're sitting in the second row of the biggest event of the year in the United States certainly toes that line to perfection. It's a lifetime story for everyone at the stadium and stays well short of crossing the line into "running on the field and disrupting the whole event" territory. And it certainly adds a lot that this distinguished prank genius didn't just shave his own head, but had somebody else wrap him in a barber shop cape and truly focus on giving the best haircut he's ever given.

According to the Associated Press, the two were quickly removed from the event by security. But still, a top notch performance by everyone involved and certainly a quarterfinal matchup that tennis fans won't soon forget.

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