Authorities say a man suspected of a vicious attack on a shopper inside the Johnson City Walmart store also tried to choke a village police officer.

Police were called to the store on Gannett Drive around 12:50 p.m. Sunday to investigate the assault on a 69-year-old man.

Investigators said when officers arrived at the scene, the man reported he had been "randomly assaulted" while he was shopping.

Officers spoke with witnesses and reviewed the store's surveillance video recordings. The video showed a man approach the shopper and then starting to punch him until he fell to the ground. Then the attacker was seen "stomping the victim in the head with his foot."

The suspect, identified by police as 33-year-old Angel Vasquez, was charged with third-degree assault in connection with the store attack.

According to a news release, Vasquez became extremely violent at police headquarters. Several officers struggled to subdue him.

As he was being moved to a holding cell, Vasquez allegedly grabbed a police officer by the neck and began choking him.

The officer sustained minor injuries but did not seek medical treatment.

The shopper who was attacked was treated at a hospital for lacerations, abrasions and swellling.

Vasquez was charged with second-degree assault upon a police officer, a felony. He also faces counts of criminal obstruction of breathing and obstructing governmental administration, misdemeanors.

Vasquez was arraigned and sent to Broome County Jail on $500 bail.

In a statement released in connection with the arrest, Johnson City Police Chief Brent Dodge said:

These violent assaults, against a member of our community and upon a police officer are deeply disturbing.  This violent criminal should have been held without bail until his day in court.  The lawmakers have hamstrung the ability of law enforcement and the courts to prevent violent criminals from re-offending at the expense of the public.

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