Let the holiday movies and specials begin! Wait, they already have. Before Halloween arrived and way before Thanksgiving, the specials had been coming at us left and right. Not a bad thing, I suppose.

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It amazes me just how many holiday movies are created and/or shown on the Hallmark Channel. According to Good Housekeeping (and they might not have it exactly correct), there are close to 300 holiday movies on their shelves.

The Hallmark Channel's Countdown to Christmas movie series began on October 20th, featuring a total of 40 movies, according to Good Housekeeping which released a list of its 35 favorite Hallmark holiday movies.

Did you know that a few Hallmark holiday movies were filmed in New York State? There were also four movies that were filmed in the Hudson Valley, and one In New York City, which to me seems like a good setting for a holiday movie, given the scenery and winter wonderland.

Below are the four movies and where they were filmed in the Hudson Valley and one in Manhattan. Thanks to Townsquare Media contributor Jess from our sister radio station, The Wolf in Poughkeepsie, New York for the research.

Maybe these locations would be a nice day trip to check out where they were filmed and take in the holiday season of the area.

One December Night

One December Night stars Peter Gallagher and features backdrops and area businesses in shots around the Hudson Valley.

Last Vermont Christmas

Last Vermont Christmas is, well, about Vermont, but some scenes were shot on East Market Street in Rhinebeck.

Christmas Camp

Christmas Camp was filmed in 2018, released in 2019, and was filmed in Rhinebeck in Kingston, New York.

A Holiday Spectacular

A Holiday Spectacular was filmed in several areas including  Newburgh's Hyde Park, Newburgh, parts of the lower Hudson Valley, and near Albany, New York.

In New York City:

Christmas At The Plaza

Christmas At The Plaza was filmed at, well The Plaza in Manhattan.

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