City of Binghamton Mayor Jared Kraham on Thursday announced the beginning of a major revitalization effort of the Clinton Street Neighborhood Business District.

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The City of Binghamton plans to apply for $10 million of state funds through the Downtown Revitalization Initiative to improve the streetscape, bring in commercial development and potentially create more affordable housing.

"Clinton Street is ripe for revitalization, with its historic storefronts, walkable footprint, development-ready spaces and proximity to Binghamton's urban core," said Mayor Kraham. "With support from New York State through the Downtown Revitalization Initiative, the City would advance an ambitious plan to reimagine the Clinton Street Neighborhood Business District and rejuvenate the surrounding neighborhoods."

Additionally, the City of Binghamton is seeking public input on the potential future of Clinton Street. The City released an online survey available to the public to comment on the current state and future of Clinton Street.

That survey will help the City of Binghamton develop a strategy for the future of the Clinton Street Neighborhood Business District that maintains those things that people like about it now and begin making plans to add what people hope to see there. The survey can be completed any time until August 31st.

There will also be a public workshop on the matter at the First Ward Senior Center on September 14th at 6:00 pm. Members of the community will be able to attend and make comments in person at that time. The City will also work with local business owners, non-profits and community members to develop a plan before submitting their proposal to the state for the Downtown Revitalization Initiative funds.

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